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Drug Rehab Program Highlights.

At our addiction recovery clinic, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with as many options  for treatment as possible. We know that not every treatment will work equally well for every client, and in order to circumvent this unfortunately fact, we have curated a full complement of addiction recovery treatment strategies with which to provide our clients. We want our clients to have access to the addiction recovery treatment they’ll need to face substance abuse and come out ahead, and because the treatments that will work best will vary from client to client, we have a full spectrum of available options to suit every client’s needs.

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Cohesive expert staff
No shame-based methods.
24/7 helpline
The Urgent Need for a Family Recovery Program

Family Recovery Programs Treat Family Trauma Stemming
from Addictions

For those clients who require it, we provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

When you think of a substance abuse treatment center, it is likely that one of your first thoughts will be of group therapy sessions.

There’s a good reason for this: group therapy is one of the cornerstones of our addiction recovery program.

When you’re taking part in a group therapy session, you’ll meet with your peers in our drug rehab center to discuss your experiences and share your wisdom.

There is Hope for Lasting Family Recovery
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Our Promises to You

The PROMISES you keep today
define the life you lead tomorrow.

Many clients are apprehensive about group therapy at first, but soon it becomes one of their favorite aspects of treatment.

In addition to group therapy sessions, we also provide individual therapy sessions. During individual therapy, you will meet with your counsellor on a one-on-one basis. There, you’ll be given the opportunity to speak about anything you’d like, with the full confidence that comes with knowing that your information will not be shared. We know that there are certain thoughts and feelings that you need to discuss, but which cannot be brought up in the group therapy setting. For this reason, we provide our clients with the opportunity to speak with their addiction recovery specialist in a private setting, so that their personal information can be preserved.