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Right before I came to rehab, I was really scared. Going to treatment means I’ve hit an absolute bottom in my life. I tried so many ways to get clean on my own. I can’t do this on my own.
I could have died. Being in the struggle is like torture. Something feels like it’s wrong but you don’t want to openly admit that it’s the drugs and alcohol.

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Retreat and Recover

Our commitment to our clients, and our dedication to providing every client who enters our drug rehab clinic with a fully customized addiction recovery plan, give us a huge advantage on providing recovery treatment that is as effective as possible.

At our addiction recovery treatment center, you’ll begin your treatment by taking part in an in-depth intake interview conducted by one of our friendly and experienced staff members.
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Dedicated to lifetime recovery

Throughout this process, you’ll be asked questions related to your personal history of substance abuse.
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Providing the highest quality, individualized care.

We’ll discuss how you first began using and what circumstances led to your addiction. At times, you may wonder why we are asking so many questions upon your entry.
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We base our treatment on the proven 12-step philosophy.

This is because the details and information gathered during this interview will be integral in providing you with a fully customized addiction recovery care plan.
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Thanks to our extensive experience providing our clients with comprehensive and unimpeachable addiction recovery care, we have learned a thing or two about providing our clients with an effective addiction recovery program.

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No matter how you came to become entangled in substance abuse, our drug rehab center is here to help you reach recovery.

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